European Standard

European Standard

At NAFFCO we supply a selection of ambulances all of which are constructed to comply with the European standard EN1789.

  • Type A for non-emergency use
  • Type B for emergency use
  • Type C offer mobile ICU care
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Type A Ambulances are for non-emergency use such as patient transportation.
For emergency use, Type B Ambulances are ideal and have a dedicated treatment area.
Type C Ambulances offer mobile ICU care which is vital in certain emergency situations.


The European standard EN1789 Type A ambulances are generally used for non-emergency transportation of patients and is limited in treatment or equipment space.

The European standard EN1789 Type B are emergency ambulances and have a significantly large amount of medical equipment and treatment space.

The European standard EN1789 Type C are mobile ICU ambulances that even accommodate critical hospital equipment like ventilators and resuscitators.

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