American Standard

American Standard (KKK-A-1822F / NFPA1917)

NAFFCO provide ambulances that are built to the American standard (KKK-A-1822F / NFPA1917).

  • Enable you to respond all emergencies
  • provide efficient medical care quickly
  • Equipped with a full range of medical equipment
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Ford F-350 Chassis Cab Single Cabin 4X2 or equivalent
6.7L,Turbo Diesel V8 Engine
400hp @ 2800 rpm, Torque 800 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm
6 speed automatic, Wheelbase: 165″
Dual Rear Tires, with ABS Break
GVWR 12000 lbs, Model: 2013 with Ambulance pre-package, extendable mirrors.
Chevrolet Express Van, Petrol, Automatic or equivalent
Ford Econoline E-350 Van, Petrol, Automatic or equivalent
GMC Savana Extended Van, Petrol, Automatic or equivalent



  • Mechanical slide-out loading platform.
  • External cabinet for electrical service
  • External cabinet with slide out tray for battery
  • External cabinet for spare wheel
  • Assist handle on door entrance
  • Safety net.
  • External cabinet to accommodate : Foldable stretcher, Stair chair, scoop stretcher, spine board
  • External cabinet for Oxygen cylinder.
  • Medical cabinet
  • Squad bench built to accommodate second patient
  • EMPS seat slide and swivel type
  • Al chq plate on external cabinets and rear of vehicle.
  • Built in vacuum system , 1 action area and 1 no on squad bench area


  • Automatic loading stretchers.
  • Foldable stretcher
  • Defibrillator
  • Ventilator
  • First aid kit
  • Traction splint
  • Spine board & Head immobilizer
  • Scoop stretcher
  • KED
  • Trauma bag
  • Emergency bag
  • Medication Bag
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Blanket, pillow
  • Foldable stretcher
  • Gloves dispenser


  • Medical Cabinet
  • Squad Bench
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • EMSP Seat
  • Camera System
  • Additional A/C Patient Compartment
  • Scoop Stretcher Storage
  • Assist Handle


  • Light bar with PA system
  • Warning Lights 360°
  • Scene light on each side and rear
  • Shore Line, Inverter and Charger
  • Front Grill Lights and Intersection Lights
  • Intercom system fully hands free
  • LED Map reading Light
  • Additional A/C Patient Compartment
  • Internal Lights with 48 Super Bright While LEDs
  • Digital Clock 12Volts with Bright Red Digits
  • Multiplexing system with multifunctional screen in driver cabin and LCD display in patient cabin.


  • Automatic loading stretchers.
  • Automatic Loading Stretcher
  • Stair Chair, Backboard
  • Traction Splint Kit
  • Fracture Splint Kit
  • Manual Suction Unit
  • B-Vac Manual Aspirator
  • Gloves Dispenser
  • Isometric Sheet
  • Built-in Suction Unit
  • Portable Suction Unit
  • Guedel Airway Kit
  • BP Sphygmomanometer
  • Head Immobilizer
  • Ambu bag
  • SED Extrication Device
  • Blue Splint Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Burn Care Kit
  • AED Philips FRX etc.

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