NAFFCO manufactures and supplies ambulances in accordance with the American standard (KKK-A-1822F) and European standard (EN1789).

  • Modular Interior.
  • Wide selection of medical equipment.
  • Interior head room min. 66 inches.
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American Standard (KKK-A-1822F / NFPA1917))
We provide ambulances that are built to the American standard (KKK-A-1822F / NFPA1917). Both the Type I and Type II ambulances are equipped with a full range of medical equipment and will enable you to respond all emergencies. Our ambulances allow practitioners to provide efficient medical care quickly.
European Standard (EN1789)
At NAFFCO, we supply a selection of ambulances all of which are constructed to comply with the European standard EN1789. Type A Ambulances are for non-emergency use such as patient transportation. For emergency use, Type B Ambulances are ideal and have a dedicated treatment area. Type C Ambulances offer mobile ICU care which is vital in certain emergency situations.
Customized & Specialized Ambulances
NAFFCO provides customized & specialized ambulances and medical vehicles to meet the requirements of every emergency provider. Our vehicles are ideal for rapid emergency response and for administering basic treatment to patients. If required, our vehicles can be customized for use on rough terrain.

American Standard

  • Type II Ambulance
  • Type I Ambulance
  • Type A Ambulance
  • Type C Ambulance
  • Type B Ambulance
  • Customized Ambulances on Commercial Vans
  • Specialized Ambulances or Medical Support Vehicles

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