Inflatable Hangar

Inflatable Hangar


NAFFCO Aviation Inflatable Hangar is made of fabric to withstand extreme weather conditions and suitable for wide applications.



⦁ No basement and site preparation
⦁ Temporary facility
⦁ Easily relocatable
⦁ Modular and customizable
⦁ Low construction and maintenance costs
⦁ Climate independent

Optional Equipment:
⦁ Fire Fighting System (Mobile or Stationary)
⦁ HVAC System (Mobile or Stationary)


Hangar Erection:
⦁ No tools required
⦁ No special Equipment
⦁ No special skills
⦁ 1-2 supervisors
⦁ Fast and Easy
⦁ 700 sqm=just couple of days

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