Special purpose Vehicles

Special purpose Vehicles

We manufacture and supply special purpose vehicles such as airport signage, lighting vehicles and bomb squad vehicles

  • Fully customized solution
  • Wide selection of chassis
  • State of the art equipment
  • In accordance of ICAO and NFTA standards
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Technical Specifications


Rescue vehicles always work under very high risk. With our LED Variable Message Signs mounted on the vehicles we provide additional safety because the vehicles are visible from a long distance and this will increase safety level at hazard areas. We offer a wide product range of Variable Messages Signs and our systems allow to guide traffic, transmit traffic information and avoid traffic jam, With complete kit, with Laptop and complete set of programmable software.


Change below text to “Rescue and Incident Command Support Vehicle (RICS) is designed to carry rescue and command operation at the same time. RICS features include:


  • 10 mtr. Extendable ladder with rescue platform (cage)
  • Cage is fitted with FLIR, Thermal Imaging camera
  • Ultra High pressure water system
  • Compressed Air foam system (CAFS)
  • CCTV and Other IT equipment as per choice
  • 50 ltr water tank
  • 20 ltr foam tank
  • Hydraulic tool as per choice


  • Latest wireless communication devices connected to the Central Operation Control room 24/7
  • Advance CCTV monitoring device which is working in a daytime and night vision under all weather conditions.
  • Customized Rescue equipment installed.
  • Office and meeting room Equipped with all kind of office equipment (Computer, Printer, Fax …Ext).

Carries a metal halide/LED lamps that are powered by the on board generator.

By lighting up the emergency scene it enables firefighting and rescue operations at night.

And, the on board generator mounted on the vehicle turns this vehicle into an emergency power source during power failures,

long-term lighting solutions for emergency response and utility vehicles.

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